Import Services

Customs Clearance

We have a team of experts in house to help you with all the documents necessary to provide customs clearance for your shipments. With vast experience we are here to make sure that you get your shipments as soon as possible.


For consolidated shipments our team of experts unload all the cargo at our warehouse. For full container shipments we can also provide unloading services at your premise or at our own warehouse.

Should you need assistance in unloading your shipments please contact us and we will be happy to help!


We have the equipment and expertise inhouse to deliver all types of shipments right to your door. For consolidated shipments we have boxed trucks, flatbed trucks, pickup trucks, and more to help with your delivery.

For full-load containers we also provide delivery services with the use of side-loader trucks and haulage trucks.

For more information on this please visit our transportation page or contact us and we will gladly help!

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